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Orchestrate and accelerate threat response procedures

Applying intelligence to detect and mitigate threat activity, super easy to customize.

Illuminate, conceived by experienced threat analysts, is the first platform to codify cyber threat workflows while providing full tracability throughout the process.

  • Collect

    Ingest evidence of malicious activity from multiple sources. Illuminate automates collection of artifacts containing evidence of malicious activity.

  • Extract

    Analyze, identify, and extract information. Illuminate automates the extraction of indicators and provides traceability to activity context.

  • Enrich

    Amplify what is known about indicators. Illuminate automates the enhancement of indicators by collecting additional information from multiple data sources, beyond the contents of the collected evidence.

  • Analyze

    Determine the extent of compromises and network posture. Illuminate enables analysts to assess the scope of threats and identify required actions.

  • Prescribe

    Create, test, and task signatures and countermeasures. Illuminate empowers analysts to identify what IDS/IPS sensors available, creates and tests sensor-specific rules, and tasks sensors with the rules.

  • Implement

    Update sensor security content configurations. Illuminate brings analysts and sensor owners together to orchestrate signature tasking and provide situational awareness of processes and status.

  • Track

    Measure the effect of actions and identify abnormal activity. Illuminate enables analysts to ensure rules are enforced, determine which rules are hitting, identify activity and attribution trends, and prioritize responses.

  • Train

    Teach response processes and technical skills. Illuminate is a powerful tool for training threat teams on the critical skills needed to identify malicious activity and defend sophisticated networks.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Illuminate is an indicator, countermeasure and sensor management tool that enables analysts to collect and analyze evidence of malicious activity

Author, test, implement & track rules to detect & mitigate activity across multiple host-based and network-based intrusion detection systems.


Create Rules




Shared Situational Awareness


Author & Test IDS/IPS Rules


Task, Detask & Track Signatures


Communicate Sensor Information


Manage Multiple Sensor Types


Detect Changes in TTP’s and Targets

  • Define decision alternatives

    The team works together to define the set of alternatives that require a decision or priority. The list of alternatives are added into the system to be scored.

  • Individual scoring of alternatives

    Each contributor independently contributes their perspective by using their expertise and knowledge to evaluate each decision alternative while using the established set of alternatives.

  • Determine what is important

    Once priority is derived, consider the various courses of action. Different perspectives on tangible and intangible factors provide ratio scales and relative weights that are useful in prioritizing and making important decisions.

  • View current and past results

    View the results of your organization. View the results of other organizations. View the results of all organizations combined.

  • Compare results

    Compare the results across organizations. Compare the results over time. Mouseover tool-tip provides description and values.

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